How Alternate-Day Fasting May Help You Age Better (and Live Longer)

C. Elegans worm. The O.G. organism for fasting studies. Source:

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Short Term Effects of ADF

ADF reduces body weight (A), lean (B), and fat mass, and fat:lean ratios (G). Most fat loss observed in the android area. No influence on bone mass (H) or bone mineral density (I). Serum levels of β-hydroxybutyrate were elevated in the ADF group after 4 weeks (J) and a reduced risk for CVD was measured by means of the reduced heartrate (K), systolic blood pressure (L), and Framingham Risk Score (M).

Long Term Effects of ADF

ADF is associated with lower levels of total cholesterol (A), LDL , VLDL (D) and triglycerides (E), while HDL levels (B) remain comparable to the control group. The heart rate (F), the inflammation marker sICAM-1 (G) and the circulating levels of triiodothyronine (H) are lower in the >6 months of ADF group. The total bone mass (I), bone mineral density (J) and white blood cell count (K) are comparable to controls.

Fasting and Feasting

Variations between 36 hour and 12 hour fast during ADF show a pattern of periodic lipid enrichment and amino acids depletion in humans.



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Brady Holmer

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